Michal Kukla photography

Michael Kukla

I don’t even know when photography became my greatest passion and consumed my every thought, but it has been a part of my life since I can remember. It gives me a sense of happiness and an opportunity for self-fulfillment.

A photograph is an imprinted magical and unique moment, and thanks to it, I can capture these moments. This unusual piece of paper is a memento for life, a memory of joys and happiness captured in that brief moment.

A competent photographer, my work speaks for itself, but I am constantly looking to improve on my skills, and broaden my creative path. I treat each new order as a challenge and each client individually and as always, professionally. With a combination of a perfect sense of composition, artistic sense, creativity and technical knowledge, my goal is to create a unique end result, to meet your expectations on your special occasion and put a smile on your face.

I use high-quality photographic equipment which enables me to work in all lighting conditions, and of course, I always have a back-up plan! I create pictures of varying themes such as nature, landscapes, but mainly people. In particular I photograph weddings and models. I’m also doing portraits, engagement and pregnancy sessions. On my website you can see my previous work. I cordially invite you to view this.